A documentary about how the farmworkers carry the weight of the $100 billion coffee industry.

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Film Synopsis:

SnakeByte Media & Coffee Maverick Patrick O’Malley team up to bring insight into the lucrative coffee industry and the unique market of “Specialty Coffee”. With the help of reputable sponsors around the world we are crafting a culturally themed documentary film that encapsulates the world’s infatuation of coffee and how it directly affects the economic livelihood of 25 million people. The film will trace the logistics of the $100 billion industry from the grander events of festivals and expos down to the vigorous labor of coffee agriculture.


Our goal is to separate the ‘C’ and the ‘Specialty’ market. We will do this by bringing awareness to the consumer that have the purchasing power to influence the coffee industry towards more direct trade and educating roasters on how to thoroughly conduct direct trade; buying directly from the producers results in better wages for farmworkers, more sustainable practices, and ultimately higher quality coffee

Post - Production:

Foremost, before any other outlets of media, a private screening will take place in Arizona to share the story of the year long production. This will be a great moment to network with coffee expert Patrick O’Malley, film crew SnakeByte Media, and to acknowledge our sponsors that allowed for this film to happen.

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